Musings of a Sincere Fledgeling

Tayo ay nakasakay

sa Mundong naglalakbay…

Hello world.  It is wonderful to be aware that Earth is floating in space.

It is wonderful to be aware.  It is wonderful, this awareness, of this possibility that has come to pass, of this awareness that other possibilities could have come to pass and of other possibilities coming to pass that we have and would have no way of being aware of.

ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay

Just to be is wonderful.  To be carried on by active-unseen-implied tendencies this way and that.  To be present in the movement, to be moved with eyes open, to be aware of the capability of seeing — this is a wonder.

I have been floating on something.  I lived on where I had been floating.  Some may have defined it as merely thriving, but no-one that we can define knows everything.  I may have had a full life, too.  Or perhaps fulness is merely accidental to being — because I am a sacada, and who would say that I have not lived?

I look back at my life, at our lives, at how we lived, at how we were helpless amidst the interconnected currents carrying us along — because I have become aware of new stirrings — and though I am new to this I am aware that my being legitimizes my presence…

… that is, sacada lang ako, but my story matters, my being cannot be denied.

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