I’m In Experience-Society?

I would never have heard of it had I not come here.
Here, where it is being discussed, a long time ago, already.
Here, where it exists.
Though I haven’t read the book yet — by Gerhard Schulze…
Yeah, intuitively, I understand a bit. It’s talking about the post-modern lifestyle centered on thrill-seeking, in intensities that, of course, vary, from person to person, from inner-culture to inner-culture, the one that has evolved from the affluence derivative of industrialization.
As for me, and the rest of the sacadas, we have not even got into the smack of industrialization yet, we have not been “modernized” yet, so to speak. Some of us still make our lamp-oils by hand.  It seems I’ll have a bit of an “understanding-leap” to traverse before I can integrate the sense of this present-day-society-description.

The other week I read of this phenomenon termed “Risk-Society” (from Ulrich Beck’s book), still another description of the present times.  This one is “global” because the potential affectees is everyone around the globe, and this one is “borderless”, because we all share the same air molecules, which never cease to circulate in the atmosphere, and “borderless”, too, in the sense that it describes a situation where class distinctions have been transcended: no more rich-poor, educated-uneducated, whatever-whatever — and this one evolving from the result that Industry-Modernization-and-related-Concepts, that’s supposed to make lives better, has caused the creation of horrendous risks (nuclear leakages, carcinogenic chemicals sprayed on food-plants, stressed-out animals’ meat for staple, proliferation of prescription-at-the-same-time-lethal drugs) plus the fact that there doesn’t exist a rational way of plotting these risks, yet, like the way Newton taught us to plot forces.

In our town one can still harvest one’s sweet potatoes from the yard garden, boil it over a wood fire, a few minutes more be bathed in the heavenly steamy aroma of this tinanok-nga-kamote, broken into half by hand, and ever call it to be one of the best meals in the world… One can still continue to live-breathe-sleep-work-laugh-play without having read even the tiniest Shakespeare, and still be perfectly alive.

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