remember Einstein

we need to understand that reality is perceived from perspectives;

one people’s reality is different from, obviously, another’s;

and so obviously no one perspective can work for all, in order to describe reality;

like, as above, the word reality has itself been used in different ways;

and even the use of ways is not enough to convey what is wholly meant;

the word sense could have been used; and quotation marks, or italization, would have helped;

yet remember Einstein, and remember Heisenberg;

and look up that article that says that humans do not think in a logical manner, actually,

but intuitively.  S/He processes her thoughts intuitively.  The synapses process thoughts intuitively.  The circuits accommodate intuitive traffic.  The brain was primarily structured for intuition.

Logic is not all.  Reason is not all.  Problem-solving-approach is not all.  Result-oriented is not all.

We are, after all, humans, and not computers.

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