greed is in everyone

and who can say that a one-to-one effect is less evil than a many-to-many?

——————————————————————– an excerpt:

Although the five Indian nations had made earlier attempts at resistance, many of their strategies were non-violent. One method was to adopt Anglo-American practices such as large-scale farming, Western education, and slave-holding. This earned the nations the designation of the “Five Civilized Tribes.” They adopted this policy of assimilation in an attempt to coexist with settlers and ward off hostility. But it only made whites jealous and resentful.

from-   -and search for “Indian removal 1814 – 1858


Greed has always been everywhere, any time.

Even before grammar existed to speak of it. Man has always been man.

He is a system of shifting cerebral circuits.

He is prone to so many possibilities.

He could not always control his thoughts and will and desire and action.

He would always be prone to think that he is in the right side of the fence,

painted the correct color, behaving admirably.

When the time comes when skin colors do not matter anymore,

I hope that the heat of the sun will not be too tough on those who are proud that they have less pigments, or have a different sort of “pigment” …

… LOVE, who said that (they) do not know what (they) are doing, will save the day.

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