na ka ka lo ka !

Anonymous says:

…my goodness guys, nakakaloka ang balita na to… please, dear journalists na may integrity, may puso para sa tao, sa mga ordinaryong mamamayan na tulad ko, now more than ever we all need the TRUTH .. the way I see it parang ganito: ayaw i-rock-the-boat ng gobyerno ang claim sa Sabah dahil sa economic ties with Malaysia (tama ba?) pero on the other hand pag ang claim sa Sabah ay maisaayos eh di pakinabang ang Pinas sa biyaya —- to claim or not to claim, economic ‘gain’ is assured, ‘ika nga — kung i-claim ang Sabah, no betrayal to kapwa Filipino happens, kung hindi i-claim ang Sabah, ay naku! Either the government works hard in convincing us that Sulu has no claim on Sabah, or it really has to stand up for what’s right!
Dear journalists na may integrity, please, can you help your sisters and brothers over this issue, where can we get access for info that’s more or less a bird’s eye-view over this entire complicated issue? At this time we don’t need journalism that’s beholden to money! Thanks!

—————-eto po ang nakakaloka———————-

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