For the Love of Lee Seo Jin: Spending Time for Gye Baek

For three reasons I am now spending precious time on the Korean sageuk (historical drama) Gye Baek:

  1. I want to see more of Lee Seo Jin [as well as Cha In-pyo and Lee Hyun-woo 🙂 ];
  2. Jumong’s gentle wife Ye Soya (my favorite also) is here as Eun Go (Song Ji Hyo);
  3. Gye Baek and Eun Go loved each other until the end.

[the non-gallery pictures enlarge a bit when clicked on, and pink fonts are links to related posts] 🙂 Welcome.

Gye Baek Eun Go ep10 _0Before Gye Baek disappeared Eun Go gave him a perfume/ scent-necklace  …hmm… in “A Frozen Flower” it was Hong Lim who gave a similar item to the queen…  . It’s sweet-smelling and is kept next to the heart …oops, on second thoughts, it looked like a jade pendant, not a potpourri… my assumption came from teen-age Eun Go’s statement that it should keep him alert, plus the fact that she’s an expert in herbs/spices…

Gye Baek Eun Go ep10 _1At Gye Baek’s reemergence, both being adults now, Eun Go hands to him the little wooden figure of a child that his father made for his mother while waiting for him to be born. The figure stands for him. Eun Go and Ui Ja have kept it despite the big possibility that he had died.

Gye Baek Eun Go ep11Here Eun Go accompanies Gye Baek to his father’s close friend ( 🙂 who is Jumong’s “Musong” heheh).

The next captures show a turning-point scene between the couple. Their status in life are going to be made farther apart by Eun Go’s adoption into Sa Taek Bi’s family. What at first seemed to be a threatening phase to their relationship turns out to be a re-forging of the old bond.

Gye Baek laments that Eun Go has to sacrifice herself by living as a Sa Taek adopted daughter. It pains him, he told her. He shared with her his resentment of their respective parents in the face of what they are going through in the name of filial duty. They reforge their attachment as Gye Baek re-accepts the necklace from Eun Go. This was the necklace that he held on to during his captive years by Silla, the very same one that Eun Go gave him seen on the first picture on top. He had previously returned it to Eun Go after they had a disagreement about him being included in hers and Ui Ja’s revenge plan. They didn’t want him to get involved and this exclusion made Gye Baek angry.

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Gye Baek Eun Go ep13 _01

❤ Eun Go constantly looks out for Gye Baek’s safety. It was dangerous for him, to be found out that he is alive and has come back, at the period when Sa Taek Bi still had power in court. [Episode 13]

Gye Baek Eun Go ep13 _02

Gye Baek Eun Go ep13 _03

Gye Baek Eun Go ep14 _01Gye Baek Eun Go ep14 _03Gye Baek Eun Go ep14 _02Gye Baek requests her to be his reason for staying alive from now on. She smiles and promises that she’d gladly do so when that “good day” comes, when they are already done with their immediate tasks at hand. By this time Gye Baek had been successfully hidden in the mountain village, a haven for the downtrodden, where the leaders are the two hyungnim-advisors. [Episode 14]

Gye Baek Eun Go ep18 _00Gye Baek becomes the queen’s bodyguard, and for the meantime both can see each other in the palace, but until there only. They needed to pretend that they don’t know each other for their survival’s sake. This situation for them goes on until Sa Taek Bi and her family were driven out from the palace, but not before she had the chance to put Eun Go in prison. Gye Baek had to come and save her. They hug as she sobs. [Episode 18]

Gye Baek Eun Go ep18 _01It was the happiest time for both after that. They could now openly show their affection for each other. This, however constantly stirs up the jealousy in Ui Ja, and that’s where the next batch of problems for the couple comes from.

Gye Baek Eun Go ep18 _02Gye Baek Eun Go ep19 _01Gye Baek Eun Go ep19 _02Gye Baek Eun Go ep21 _01Gye Baek Eun Go ep21 _02

❤ Since I know that they won’t end up with each other, and I also know that Eun Go will betray Gye Baek’s cause, I am intent on finding out for myself acceptable justifications for their love’s tragic end. I want to understand their story as much as I understood the triangle of the king, the queen, and Hong Lim in “A Frozen Flower“. Otherwise, “Gye Baek” won’t be as memorable to me as “Damo” is.

. . . Here’s hoping that Gye Baek’s and Eun Go’s separation is “sensible” . . . Kaja!

last edited 21 April 2014

🙂 I hope you enjoyed these captures as much as I did. Thank you. Ciao!

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