“reality” is always in relative motion

an excerpt:

“One of the major issues, if not indeed the key area of biblical theology today, as was true of the Biblical Theology Movement’s earlier experience, is the attempt to understand the Bible from the perspective of a unifying principle, regardless of how it is defined. Biblical theology as practiced in the 1990s remains concerned with the issue of a center, a unifying principle, an overarching category. This issue will be part of the discussion of major models and proposals for biblical theology to be presented […]” — by Gerhard F. Hasel / “The Nature of Biblical Theology: Recent Trends and Issues”. Andrews University Studies, Autumn 1994, Vol. 32, No. 3, 203-215.

————- sacadalang’s take as of 24Feb2012 on the above article: —————-

Science is a primitive (i.e., simplistic) in the sense that it quantifies.

          A phenomenon quantified with finality has in itself no room for “movement.” It becomes a fixed reference, and so a quasi-absolute.

However, only “God” is “absolute” (though not in the sense that He has no “movement”).

“Reality” is always in relative motion, including the perception of “God”. A “unified” concept of anything touching on the human, as the image of God, is an illusion. As long as man exists in his/her state now no such “unification” is seen to be possible. (pending the reading of the 2nd & 3rd sections of this article)

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