atoms, summer weeds, and thoughts


thoughts launched into cyberspace are like atoms in Brownian motion…

atoms in the biosphere, in the atmosphere, in geological layers, in outer space,

atoms from the stars, going to the stars, suspended in the near vacuum of interstellar quasi-gas,

atoms inside my body, flushed out of my body, going to the ocean, to the ground, to the fishes, to the plants,

atoms I breathe in from somebody, I breathe out to somebody, suspended for a time, received at one time,

atoms that may touch just one atom at a time, but who knows which atom, but who knows what impact,

but who knows to what direction next, to which act affects, to which thought launched anew …


…thoughts, like the flowering summer weeds, random,

razed,  Image

springing up again,

random, appearing,

everywhere and nowhere,

alive, amazing, just there…

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