I’m So Happy!

I'm so happyahahaha! I can’t believe I did it! I’ve been trying the entire afternoon and evening to patiently wait for Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Bible to load on my computer but to no avail. It’s a black-white-pdf file from archive.org, that very generous organization, and although I just got a brand new hardbound copy for only US$19.97 still I thought an electronic copy would be handy for printing out individual pages.

As usual I sought for opinions on the net, after hours of waiting already, searching for why it takes a long time for young’s analytic concordance pdf to download from archive.org, and I got answers pertaining to hardware. Okay, so now I realize how backward my notebook is — on 1.66GHz, 1GB memory but which I have a 4MB flash drive for ReadyBoost, 32-bit , Windows 7 — and through Mozilla Firefox, using Adobe Acrobat. I'm so happy_I checked my plug-ins and it says they’re all updated. By this time I started to seriously consider scraping my savings for new hardware, maybe a 64-bit, 8 MB RAM at least. Kalibutan. (= “that’s how it is in this world”). If I need it then it’s justified that I get one.

Then I searched for why is my pdf reader so slow and I got introduced to alternatives to Adobe Acrobat. Cool. So many generous people in the world. It seems I have been stuck in ignorance about such popular information. What I did next was, after hours and hours of just letting the loading run I closed the window. I’ve had enough. (Side by side with the loading, earlier, I found another pdf file, Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible, and I downloaded + saved it, real fast, so that was a reward on the side.) Only the background applications were running, the Word  and everything else closed, cache and cookies already emptied, the lot, and I have not played my music even in hopes of giving all the computer’s attention to the downloading…that’s how naive I can get 🙂

I'm_so_happyStill hope dies hard, ahahaha, so I tried once more BUT THIS TIME closing Firefox and using Google Chrome instead. Ah! A homecoming feeling rushed in as I remember that previously I have switched my Chrome language into Tagalog. How nice, that although it was more than a year since I last used that browser, & that now the Start Page that greeted me is a beautiful city-at-night poster with an option for chill-out music that will play as long as the browser is on, still the dialogues with me are in Tagalog.

Okay, so I came back to that archive.org page and loaded the same pdf file (uhm, I didn’t check what the reader was this time. happy sealMost likely still Acrobat) and VOILA! It gave me the whole 192 MB file in about 10 minutes! Happy happy day!

If anyone out there has the same problem as I’ve had then I hope this little whoopi! of mine here can give you an idea. More power to us all on our continuous self-education in the cyber realm. Patience & perseverance pays.   …. ooops, I’m not saying here which software is better than what …. just sharing what I experienced, that’s all …. and if you need a plethora of Bible translations all at once and real quick — e-Sword, search for it and download — you’d be amazed at how generous human beings can be 



!many thanks to the owners for the photos here






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