Ten-Books-You’ll-Want-to-Read [on the Old Testament & biblical studies]

In a vast sea of Old Testament reading materials here is a reliable spot to start from. It is a list of books that could be very helpful to those who would like to establish personal perspectives from where to perceive biblical writings. They may also be essential to those who are into academic biblical studies. I myself am a non-specialist and so am thankful even for just the first book on this list, which in itself is a treasure trove.

I got acquainted with some of these when I stumbled on the lectures of Prof. Christine Hayes at Yale (-> if you’re interested in that you can try this link: http://oyc.yale.edu/religious-studies/rlst-145

Happy studying!


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Update, as of June 21, 2021. The List remains as is, and here’s the rest:
10 ) A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew by C. L. Seow (2nd ed.)

There is now, of course, an 11th book you’ll want to read!

11) The Bible’s Many Voices, by Michael Carasik

The Bible Guy

The Jewish Publication Society, which is publishing my Commentator’s Bible series, has asked me for a list of 10 “recommended” books about the Bible for their blog. I intend to blog about the list myself, in more detail, here on WordPress.
In the meantime … here is the list:

1 ) The Jewish Study Bible edited by Adele Berlin and Marc Brettler
2 ) Who Wrote the Bible? by Richard Elliott Friedman
3 ) Sinai and Zion by Jon Levenson
4 ) How to Read the Bible by Marc Brettler
5 ) How to Read the Bible by James Kugel
6 ) A History of Ancient Israel and Judah by J. Maxwell Miller & John H. Hayes (2nd ed.)
7 ) The Art of Biblical Narrative by Robert Alter
8 ) The Dynamics of Biblical Parallelism by Adele Berlin
9 ) Job by Raymond Scheindlin
10 ) A Grammar…

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