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(updated April 3, 2014)

… nah … just wanted to celebrate having China on my map 😀 I missed the date when I had that 1 view count. Most likely it was only recently, when my brain cells were going crazy groping for holds that I couldn’t even be bothered to wash dishes for half of the week. This is a belated celebration but still I don’t want to miss it. I’m just happy that China has a color now.

Map indicating the frequency of views on at least 1 'page' of this blog by at least 1 person in a country. The darker the shade the higher the frequency.

Map indicating the frequency of views on at least one page/post of this blog by at least one person in a country.    The darker the shade the higher the frequency.    White areas say none from there has visited this blog.    A single visitor from a country is enough to color the entire area, even one as humongous as Russia.    There are only 97 countries that have color in this map.    If 196 is taken as the total number of countries in the world   (this is an unexplored topic to me, and so I can’t elaborate more on the figure)   then only about half of the total number of countries is indicated above.


Yeah, I was waiting for China to get a view count, because I was wondering how come no-one from such a gigantic place so near to mine got to visit even once for two years now … so now I’m also waiting for Greenland and the rest of Africa and … and …

Yeah, of course there are many reasons for the white patches, foremost of which is the blog’s content, etc … but I don’t want to entertain that wonderment for now … all I can arrive at is this: wow, there are persons from these places all over the earth who are also interested in 1 or 2 things that get mentioned somewhere among my prattlings …

I don’t know what the whole illustration could mean. I would conjecture that my country, the Philippines, has such a strong connection with the US, and then Canada. It could be that it’s because there are many Filipinos living there. It could be that. However, what makes me especially happy is that countries around mine have strong shades, too — first to the south, then west and north (that’s the deepest trench and the largest ocean to the east 🙂 ). Some day I’ll have money and time enough to visit these next door neighbors of mine. That’s a sure dream.

Actually, I know that much of my recent traffic is due to baby Gooki. Ahhhh. Crazy. I’m just wondering if I have been irresponsible, contributing to exposing baby Gooki to the unknown whatever. I mean, it’s just one of those things. The umbrella issue is whether by these prattlings I’m in a way contributing to cyber junk. Like strewing dead satellites all over the graveyard orbit. Saying things that could be damaging some part of life.

In a way I’ve become conscious of the level of responsibility that I should mind while continuing with my pleasure at self expression.


For many the world has become really small. It’s either just a jet ride or a single click away. This is the impression I get while looking at the colored parts of the map above, just little areas next to each other and accessible any time. But in my countries’ counter, in my blog’s stats, I can tell of one big reason why certain places have, say, just 1 count. And that is, that in those places being connected to the net is generally not as ordinary as it is, say, in Germany, where each and every single household is assumed to be able to readily tap into either the radio waves or the cyberspace.

That part of the globe that thrives with the internet, which includes the few of us who can afford to do so in my country as well as in countries similar to mine, may never know how our pleasurable activities may affect the lives of those who are aliens to cyberspace down to the ones with situations worse than having no easy access to clean water. Even if they/we indeed know/come to know of it, what can we do about it?

a pair of mismatched flip flops

flip flops.   tsinelas.   quite normal, a mismatch, center.

If only languages can be learned in a day then I would happily learn the lot. It would be wonderful to be able to surf through the millions of websites, across landmasses and oceans, into the richness of other worldviews that are expressed in mother tongues and timeless scripts, gain insight and wisdom from them, and so be freed from my nearsightedness and prejudices. Mere words. Senseless dream. I can’t even master my mother tongue, how much more China’s and others’ myriad of dialects. 😛

footwear of the shoeless. normally worn out.

worn out thoroughly, through.  either these or bare foot

Yet, still, however, what will my gaining of insight be able to do for those who have no access to the minimum carbohydrates requirement of the human body per day? Ah, sacada, your rejoicing over your readership is so pathetic. 😉 😥


🙂 Here’s how the map looks like as of 1.September 2014.

blog map stats as of 1Sept2014



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