sacadalang’s gravatar

I just changed my gravatar.

I would like thank all the owners whose photographic works I have freely used all over my blog. Please excuse my exuberance, assuming that I could just surf around the www and just pick up whatever nice things I could spot as something I’d like to use in this scrapbook-like blog of mine (explained a bit here). As much as I really really like those pair of grinning monkeys on a branch against a bright yellow background, I decided that I should give it(them) up because, firstly, I don’t know who the owner is, and, secondly, I haven’t asked for permission for its use.

sacadalang gravatar

“Bending Minotaur”, or “Huffing Horse”, or “My Brain”, by sacadalang. 2012.

So what I have now for a gravatar is something I myself have created. There, that’s better now.

Please, if any of the illustrations that I’ve used in this blog belongs to you and if you’d want it out of here then please just tell me about it. Thank you.

I also changed my default Category into Hodgepodge, so that I won’t be putting a mismatched Category, thus making it misleading. It will have to take a while before I can put the tagging into order, so please just don’t mind the mismatching you may come across. [update. As of June 3, 2014 I have put all the tagging into a better order … I couldn’t put it off much longer … and I tried my best at it 🙂 … still if there’s … yeah … peace …]

Thank you! Have a nice day everyone! 🙂

.update. 30Aug201. Suddenly I am able to see other figures in my gravatar. Aside from the bending minotaur and the huffing horse I also see:

two masked faces

a laughing dog

a hawk

a bear

a mouse

an anteater

a sea lion

either a hippopotamus or a water buffalo

the front half of a penguin

a fat frog’s face

maybe a sleeping porcupine

a fish’s head upside down

a baby dinosaur

and, most obviously, several tapeworms


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