email accounts can get finicky


Some websites ask for email addresses before access and since I want to protect my privacy I create aliases. Consequently I have email accounts that I hardly open for months. It turns out that they get finicky once you neglect them for long.

I just spent a precious 1+half hours today trying to modify security settings on two accounts that suddenly I had to use. So now I’m resolved to open these accounts of mine at least once a week. That way the platform won’t treat me with suspicion. 😀

Plus, here’s what  I see outside my window:

cool but gray

Thankfully the temperature isn’t lower than 20°C and so I rethought about considering it a downer-day 😉 I used to love rains when I was a kid, that’s why. They were magical times for us siblings, regardless of whether there were howling winds or loud thunderstorms outside. ❤ Inside the house we were warm and dry, cooking up make-believe games sometimes even with blankets and sprawled all over the shiny floors. We would laugh ourselves silly after a sudden spark and a clap of thunder in the heavens stun us for a second. ❤ Childhood.

Take care of your email accounts. Thankfully my Yahoo has been stable. Recently in the midst of aberrations and crashes mine has stayed intact with even more than 2,000 unread messages! I deleted about 500 yesterday to accommodate incoming ones, but I don’t think I’ve done enough. I must find time to secure into my hard drive the ones that are important. Others will even advise printing hard copies. I might do that, too.

Happy working day, everyone! God loves you and me unconditionally ❤

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