My Country is Drowning…

(Update. March 27, 2017.) Hi, everyone! Okay, fine, I’ve learned enough by now to concede that the “global warming” hype may just be a hoax because I have listened to several learned authorities debunking it. What is apparent, though, and nobody denies it, is the alarming extreme weather fluctuations and phenomena that are more frequent than ever, a climate change. If you’re interested in this topic, look at this: , which is talking about increasing the albedo by inducing nanoparticles into the stratosphere, a.k.a. “chemtrails”. Have a great day, everyone!

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… and still there are these persons running for one of the most important offices in the world (read: US presidency) who are saying that “there is no global warming.”


Whatever their use of the phrase “there is no global warming” translates to, the fact is that global climate changes is so remarkable that even my country that is used to buckets of rain every now and then has been marveling at the more and more frequent occurrences of very unusual weather patterns.

Dear Americans who are not blind to what’s happening, may you speak up against these very wrongly informed opinions sold to you by those who are supposed to want to help take care of the planet called Earth. (The way they speak they seem to think that the USA is a planet by itself, a world by itself. This is pre-global worldview. How pathetic.)


If you’re interested to know of this phenomenon, you can start with this website:

I wrote this just now because within a span of minutes I was hearing from the news that a leading U.S. presidential candidate speak that ‘there is no evidence for global warming’ — !!!I’m puzzled as to why that statement is still espoused!!! — and then the weather news came in showing a giant storm AGAIN battering my island nation, the Philippines. The issue, as to why I am able to connect these two breaking news into one very emotional reaction, is not a simple one because it involves global trade and the human propensity to greediness at the least. So, there. What a way to start my lovely week! 😀

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