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If you’re interested in the biblical commandment to respect or honor [the] parents and elders in our communities, then please come and visit my other blog, In there I introduce my [doctoral] dissertation on parents, which I did in Regensburg, Germany in 2017.

I call my new project a WEBSITE and less of a blog because I have now almost a dozen settled Pages in there, and growing. The Titles below are linked to these Pages. Welcome!

The question of how to honor narcissistic parents deserves another major research altogether (uhuh, I don’t have it in my dissertation, though I certainly do want to find out about it, and fast!). What’s more important is that one has become aware of the situation, and so start from there. . . It certainly is very tough going. . .

Click on any of these images to go to my new BLOG or WEBSITE. Thanks!

From this here blog, where you are now:

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Have a great day, Everyone!

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