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email accounts can get finicky


Some websites ask for email addresses before access and since I want to protect my privacy I create aliases. Consequently I have email accounts that I hardly open for months. It turns out that they get finicky once you neglect them for long.

I just spent a precious 1+half hours today trying to modify security settings on two accounts that suddenly I had to use. So now I’m resolved to open these accounts of mine at least once a week. That way the platform won’t treat me with suspicion. 😀

Plus, here’s what  I see outside my window:

cool but gray

Thankfully the temperature isn’t lower than 20°C and so I rethought about considering it a downer-day 😉 I used to love rains when I was a kid, that’s why. They were magical times for us siblings, regardless of whether there were howling winds or loud thunderstorms outside. ❤ Inside the house we were warm and dry, cooking up make-believe games sometimes even with blankets and sprawled all over the shiny floors. We would laugh ourselves silly after a sudden spark and a clap of thunder in the heavens stun us for a second. ❤ Childhood.

Take care of your email accounts. Thankfully my Yahoo has been stable. Recently in the midst of aberrations and crashes mine has stayed intact with even more than 2,000 unread messages! I deleted about 500 yesterday to accommodate incoming ones, but I don’t think I’ve done enough. I must find time to secure into my hard drive the ones that are important. Others will even advise printing hard copies. I might do that, too.

Happy working day, everyone! God loves you and me unconditionally ❤

sacadalang’s gravatar

I just changed my gravatar.

I would like thank all the owners whose photographic works I have freely used all over my blog. Please excuse my exuberance, assuming that I could just surf around the www and just pick up whatever nice things I could spot as something I’d like to use in this scrapbook-like blog of mine (explained a bit here). As much as I really really like those pair of grinning monkeys on a branch against a bright yellow background, I decided that I should give it(them) up because, firstly, I don’t know who the owner is, and, secondly, I haven’t asked for permission for its use.

sacadalang gravatar

“Bending Minotaur”, or “Huffing Horse”, or “My Brain”, by sacadalang. 2012.

So what I have now for a gravatar is something I myself have created. There, that’s better now.

Please, if any of the illustrations that I’ve used in this blog belongs to you and if you’d want it out of here then please just tell me about it. Thank you.

I also changed my default Category into Hodgepodge, so that I won’t be putting a mismatched Category, thus making it misleading. It will have to take a while before I can put the tagging into order, so please just don’t mind the mismatching you may come across. [update. As of June 3, 2014 I have put all the tagging into a better order … I couldn’t put it off much longer … and I tried my best at it 🙂 … still if there’s … yeah … peace …]

Thank you! Have a nice day everyone! 🙂

.update. 30Aug201. Suddenly I am able to see other figures in my gravatar. Aside from the bending minotaur and the huffing horse I also see:

two masked faces

a laughing dog

a hawk

a bear

a mouse

an anteater

a sea lion

either a hippopotamus or a water buffalo

the front half of a penguin

a fat frog’s face

maybe a sleeping porcupine

a fish’s head upside down

a baby dinosaur

and, most obviously, several tapeworms


viewed by the globe

(updated April 3, 2014)

… nah … just wanted to celebrate having China on my map 😀 I missed the date when I had that 1 view count. Most likely it was only recently, when my brain cells were going crazy groping for holds that I couldn’t even be bothered to wash dishes for half of the week. This is a belated celebration but still I don’t want to miss it. I’m just happy that China has a color now.

Map indicating the frequency of views on at least 1 'page' of this blog by at least 1 person in a country. The darker the shade the higher the frequency.

Map indicating the frequency of views on at least one page/post of this blog by at least one person in a country.    The darker the shade the higher the frequency.    White areas say none from there has visited this blog.    A single visitor from a country is enough to color the entire area, even one as humongous as Russia.    There are only 97 countries that have color in this map.    If 196 is taken as the total number of countries in the world   (this is an unexplored topic to me, and so I can’t elaborate more on the figure)   then only about half of the total number of countries is indicated above.


Yeah, I was waiting for China to get a view count, because I was wondering how come no-one from such a gigantic place so near to mine got to visit even once for two years now … so now I’m also waiting for Greenland and the rest of Africa and … and …

Yeah, of course there are many reasons for the white patches, foremost of which is the blog’s content, etc … but I don’t want to entertain that wonderment for now … all I can arrive at is this: wow, there are persons from these places all over the earth who are also interested in 1 or 2 things that get mentioned somewhere among my prattlings …

I don’t know what the whole illustration could mean. I would conjecture that my country, the Philippines, has such a strong connection with the US, and then Canada. It could be that it’s because there are many Filipinos living there. It could be that. However, what makes me especially happy is that countries around mine have strong shades, too — first to the south, then west and north (that’s the deepest trench and the largest ocean to the east 🙂 ). Some day I’ll have money and time enough to visit these next door neighbors of mine. That’s a sure dream.

Actually, I know that much of my recent traffic is due to baby Gooki. Ahhhh. Crazy. I’m just wondering if I have been irresponsible, contributing to exposing baby Gooki to the unknown whatever. I mean, it’s just one of those things. The umbrella issue is whether by these prattlings I’m in a way contributing to cyber junk. Like strewing dead satellites all over the graveyard orbit. Saying things that could be damaging some part of life.

In a way I’ve become conscious of the level of responsibility that I should mind while continuing with my pleasure at self expression.


For many the world has become really small. It’s either just a jet ride or a single click away. This is the impression I get while looking at the colored parts of the map above, just little areas next to each other and accessible any time. But in my countries’ counter, in my blog’s stats, I can tell of one big reason why certain places have, say, just 1 count. And that is, that in those places being connected to the net is generally not as ordinary as it is, say, in Germany, where each and every single household is assumed to be able to readily tap into either the radio waves or the cyberspace.

That part of the globe that thrives with the internet, which includes the few of us who can afford to do so in my country as well as in countries similar to mine, may never know how our pleasurable activities may affect the lives of those who are aliens to cyberspace down to the ones with situations worse than having no easy access to clean water. Even if they/we indeed know/come to know of it, what can we do about it?

a pair of mismatched flip flops

flip flops.   tsinelas.   quite normal, a mismatch, center.

If only languages can be learned in a day then I would happily learn the lot. It would be wonderful to be able to surf through the millions of websites, across landmasses and oceans, into the richness of other worldviews that are expressed in mother tongues and timeless scripts, gain insight and wisdom from them, and so be freed from my nearsightedness and prejudices. Mere words. Senseless dream. I can’t even master my mother tongue, how much more China’s and others’ myriad of dialects. 😛

footwear of the shoeless. normally worn out.

worn out thoroughly, through.  either these or bare foot

Yet, still, however, what will my gaining of insight be able to do for those who have no access to the minimum carbohydrates requirement of the human body per day? Ah, sacada, your rejoicing over your readership is so pathetic. 😉 😥


🙂 Here’s how the map looks like as of 1.September 2014.

blog map stats as of 1Sept2014



Johnny Mnemonic Revisited

Keanu Reeves as Just-Johnny = Johnny Smith

Keanu Reeves as Just-Johnny = Johnny Smith

When the 2021-setting sci-fi Johnny Mnemonic film came out in 1995 320-gigabytes seemed to have been an enormous amount of data, akin to one’s impression of how much the Library of Congress holds. Of course it holds much much more than that, and 320 GB is paltry nowadays when terabyte external drives are stacked on shelves much like choices of fruits or potato chips in a grocery store. But Johnny Mnemonic will always be something big for me.

I saw it during my getting-to-know-Keanu-Reeves-days many years ago, when I didn’t even notice that the Just-Johnny role doesn’t need much acting skills. Which didn’t make me conclude that Keanu Reeves couldn’t act, thank goodness. Whatever could be said about him what remains is that this actor projects respectable charisma and he’s among my enduring favorites.

Johnny Mnemonic was disturbing to me then, and even now after I rewatched it, for the fact that I felt that it used the most extreme avenue for information transfer: the human brain. It was disturbing to see that it could become possible that the brain encasement be legitimately violently invaded for electronic purposes.

brain functions by studyblue.com

brain functions by studyblue.com

Yet while I was rewatching it I realized that the idea of using the brain for induced memory storage is fantastic (even) without foreign-object implants, like that chip that Just-Johnny had.

The induced-memory/ies would just be existing in the neurons themselves. The human brain has more than enough “space” to hold such extra memories — this with the assumption that we use only about 10% of its capacity. But please excuse errors in my statements here. I’m not a brain expert; just a thought dabbler. What’s sure is that the brain is a little understood organ of our body.

In another way Johnny Mnemonic can be seen as an exploration into the wonder of the human brain, brought into popular media. However, the violence in that film seemed to have downplayed this feature. That’s another thing that imprinted that movie into my psyche — it was violent. Stabbings. Bazooka hits. Big city filth. Monster companies and disenfranchised population. A courier job that traded childhood memories for a brain implant. A strong antagonist is dressed as a preacher, and it’s only now after I discovered that he’s Dolph Lundgren that his scary effect on me has lessened.

Recently I noticed that when I download a video I’d get only images and no sound. Sure enough I found that other people are having the same problem as I do and the discussions on the solutions is replete with jargon that had me jacking up my logic fast or else I wouldn’t be able to catch any of the drift.

TRON 1982

TRON 1982 protagonists

Thankfully I understood enough to realize that there’s nothing wrong with my codecs and I need not uninstall anything. That in fact it’s not my doing. Incidentally I had figured out earlier that the safest choice, for me at least, is the webm file. I used to choose either flv or mp4 but they’ve become more of miss than hit for me. So far so good and I hope there’ll be no more seemingly-malicious hitches anymore, and forgive me if they aren’t malicious at all but most people out there seem to think so. This takes me back to Johnny Mnemonic.

What’s malicious in Johnny Mnemonic’s story is that the big-time company/ies block vital and can-be-easily-had information from getting out into the people. But here’s the third reason why it remained big time for me: a dolphin’s brain is a main conduit for information capture and release. If a dolphin could do that then how much more a human, though there’s the mention of the sonic waves that we can’t detect to consider, which gets me a bit puzzled now because they’re not electromagnetic waves. I could have heard it wrong. Oh, well, at least I took to the dolphin faster than Just-Johnny did.

TRON 1982 poster

TRON 1982 poster

Now my thoughts are threatening to go whichever way, because suddenly while I was writing the paragraph above I thought of TRON and his fight against the Master Computer. But I can’t accommodate TRON here now or I’ll get off my track.

I should be talking about my wonder of the human brain here, which basically is what Johnny Mnemonic has tampered with. Way back during my paperback-novel-reading days I got introduced into the wonder of the travelling bard of the ancient Celtic societies. He’s trained to memorize his people’s knowledge through songs and stories and it is through him that subsequent generations learn of their past. He’s responsible for training one who will follow after him and in this way precious knowledge is not lost. In that story that I read an antagonist hit a bard, causing his skull to be broken (sorry about that, but I had to retell it like that).

The author lamented the tragic loss of all those lengthy sagas and lore, all stored within that helpless brain of a now lifeless mystic. I did cry when I read that and it’s among those paperback-scenes that I will never forget. It’s like experiencing a world where all information within books and libraries have been burned down (which thankfully got saved in Aeon Flux in glass-like panels, but I can’t talk of Aeon now…)

a druid, bard, or poet

a druid, bard, or poet

Going back three paragraphs past, I was about to say that an okay-functioning notebook doesn’t get examined by me until I notice that accessing files and webpages are getting frustratingly slow or something’s not like the way it used to be. By looking for causes and wanting to overcome my frustration I get thrown into a world of fanciful jargon, like my newest vocabulary: splitter. If you’re not into computers then don’t worry if you don’t know what this is, yet. Without anybody to help me with computer troubles I have already figured out that I could survive just by learning from the web community itself. I’ve discovered that it’s not only me who’s having this or that problem and that there are lots of people out there willing to help out. Beautiful beautiful world.

Now, what I was about to say again is this: that as much as a single personal computer is like a brain [!break! I’m listening now to Joe Hisaishi’s First Love and I’m going berserk because I didn’t know it’s his and it’s among my favorite sound tracks, this one in The Legend/Taewangsasingi  🙂 ]… as much as the computer is like the brain the cyberspace is also like a bigger brain. But then I’m a member of the cult of the human brain and I do believe that it’s more wonderful than the web, as much as I believe that human cloning will never be successful.

a  druid, bard, or poet

a druid, bard, or poet

If, just as in TRON, it’s possible to have all the body’s particles be digitized — and that means a one-to-one coding has been achieved — then that means memory locations can also be specified. But my argument is this: the neurons are not fixed entities but are rather, like all the human cells, dynamic. If it becomes possible to be accurate on the permutations of the totality of neural functions then memory functions can also be tracked. I doubt if this is possible, much as I doubt if it’s possible for a successful human cloning. A cloning of the physical parts, maybe yes, but the human is not only cells and tissues. Cells and tissues by themselves will not work unless there’s a “something” else that is added (e.g., in a specifically comatose patient), and then it’s a fully functioning person. I did ask my organic chemist classmate about this and he said, yes, modern technology can now successfully produce a human clone. I did ask my teacher where the soul would come from, and he said, well, God can work in indirect ways. But I didn’t press anymore because I didn’t want to compromise anyone with my fanciful speculations. At least what’s clear is that the manifestation of a genetic trait is the function of groups of genes plus the environment, a topic yet little understood nowadays.

The jargon that computer experts use just throws back at me the fact that information handling is a very specific arena. An mp4 is a world away from an mp3: one engages both my vision and hearing while the other has no visuals at all. This specificity is what our brains deal with all the time, a coordination of visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, proprioceptive, equilibrioceptive, nociceptive, thermoceptive and chronoceptive information handling, and simultaneous reactions, and more. Don’t be stressed about the 6th to 10th terms; they’re also new to me  🙂 . It’s all extended to the nerve system, hence throughout the body, at micro-world speeds. There’s storage and garbaging, filtering and enhancing, recycling, dissolution and recalling — all the complicated stuff happening in just seconds within 1 person, 1 baby, 1 elderly, even 1 dolphin!

Dolphin in Johnny Mnemonic

Dolphin in Johnny Mnemonic

Haah! Now I’m irrevocably lost and can’t return to Johnny. But as this post gets disseminated to individual brains out there via cyberspace then small chunks of sense here and there among the paragraphs above will be perceived by one person or another. Bastante. I’m satisfied with that. As much as I wanted a coherent composition I didn’t exert enough will to muster the will power to do so. Nevertheless, the mind isn’t confined to just logic, the kind that has a neat row of arguments. Intuition and random functions are also important features, and they sometimes manifest in one wanting to stop crazy studying for a moment and go configure into words a collection of recollections, like this one here.

It’s now Yiruma playing with his lovely lovely A River Flows In You. I wish for a river to flow within you. I wish everyone a peaceful day/evening and may you be the blessing that you wish to be.

♥  Muchisimas gracias to the owners of the illustrations above.

I’m So Happy!

I'm so happyahahaha! I can’t believe I did it! I’ve been trying the entire afternoon and evening to patiently wait for Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Bible to load on my computer but to no avail. It’s a black-white-pdf file from archive.org, that very generous organization, and although I just got a brand new hardbound copy for only US$19.97 still I thought an electronic copy would be handy for printing out individual pages.

As usual I sought for opinions on the net, after hours of waiting already, searching for why it takes a long time for young’s analytic concordance pdf to download from archive.org, and I got answers pertaining to hardware. Okay, so now I realize how backward my notebook is — on 1.66GHz, 1GB memory but which I have a 4MB flash drive for ReadyBoost, 32-bit , Windows 7 — and through Mozilla Firefox, using Adobe Acrobat. I'm so happy_I checked my plug-ins and it says they’re all updated. By this time I started to seriously consider scraping my savings for new hardware, maybe a 64-bit, 8 MB RAM at least. Kalibutan. (= “that’s how it is in this world”). If I need it then it’s justified that I get one.

Then I searched for why is my pdf reader so slow and I got introduced to alternatives to Adobe Acrobat. Cool. So many generous people in the world. It seems I have been stuck in ignorance about such popular information. What I did next was, after hours and hours of just letting the loading run I closed the window. I’ve had enough. (Side by side with the loading, earlier, I found another pdf file, Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible, and I downloaded + saved it, real fast, so that was a reward on the side.) Only the background applications were running, the Word  and everything else closed, cache and cookies already emptied, the lot, and I have not played my music even in hopes of giving all the computer’s attention to the downloading…that’s how naive I can get 🙂

I'm_so_happyStill hope dies hard, ahahaha, so I tried once more BUT THIS TIME closing Firefox and using Google Chrome instead. Ah! A homecoming feeling rushed in as I remember that previously I have switched my Chrome language into Tagalog. How nice, that although it was more than a year since I last used that browser, & that now the Start Page that greeted me is a beautiful city-at-night poster with an option for chill-out music that will play as long as the browser is on, still the dialogues with me are in Tagalog.

Okay, so I came back to that archive.org page and loaded the same pdf file (uhm, I didn’t check what the reader was this time. happy sealMost likely still Acrobat) and VOILA! It gave me the whole 192 MB file in about 10 minutes! Happy happy day!

If anyone out there has the same problem as I’ve had then I hope this little whoopi! of mine here can give you an idea. More power to us all on our continuous self-education in the cyber realm. Patience & perseverance pays.   …. ooops, I’m not saying here which software is better than what …. just sharing what I experienced, that’s all …. and if you need a plethora of Bible translations all at once and real quick — e-Sword, search for it and download — you’d be amazed at how generous human beings can be 



!many thanks to the owners for the photos here






on communication

I brood over communication. I’m thinking of whether we all of us see the same hues. Since we each of us  are unique individuals with body cells programmed by our unique DNA codes, then we shouldn’t necessarily have exactly similar rod and cone cells in our eyes. Also, only a single pair of eyes can occupy a point from which to view an object. Angles of reflecting and refracting light from source to object to eye would be different then. Hence, the red that I see wouldn’t be the red that you see. The color #b10611 may not necessarily appear similar to any two persons in the world.

love♥  <<< this is in the color #b10611.

We each of us perceive differently and yet we are capable of grasping each other’s perception. I simply find this amazing. When I woke up yesterday the thought of dust-laden mucus being directed by cilia outwards of my body—not anywhere else—made me seriously question as to which of the two, cilia or mucus, should the will of expulsion be attributed to. I thought then that the mucus is a non-living substance. Therefore the life, the willing-to-happen, is in the cilia. The cilia ‘know’ what to do, so to speak, and they do it. Amazing. Billions of microscopic cilia in my respiratory tract ‘talking’ to each other so that the pollution in the air I breathe in is barred from entering my vital functions.

This webpage, from where I got this picture from, has an easily understandable explanation.

bronchicilia from bio.davidson.edu

I was about to say that everything that has life communicate with its own kind, but then I realize that the-making-of-things-to-happen is not confined within forms that we tag as having “life”, or alive. I was thinking that all cells withing our body communicate with each other, but then when I get down to the basic building blocks I end up with just aggregates of proteins interacting with each other according to the chemical laws. However, I also think of the virus that’s dead outside a living cell but alive when it’s inside. So the wood particles comprising my table react with each other, yes, but not in the same way as the particles within the pine tree outside my window.

Of course when we really get down on it everything we can observe are nothing but just permutations of chemical configurations, held together by the fundamental forces—at least this is how we know things to be. But the matter of perception-comprehension-communication between us humans are also permutations of possibilities (and so there’s a similarity there, but more). You may or may not be able to understand what I say. You may or may not be able to understand what I say the way I meant for you to understand it. You may be able to grasp something from what I say which is entirely outside of my perception.

happiness is by Charlie Brown

So I find it amazing when love and life and laughter and beauty and hope and friendship is communicated between persons of differing worldviews and backgrounds and experiences and convictions and aspirations.

I say that there is a sort of a quantum gap (my term for that which is traversed in a quantum leap, and I’m using them here for mental pictures only) between a non-life and something  alive. Life is such a profound mystery. This marvel is manifested in the way living things communicate. Their interactions with one another—cell to cell, ant to ant, mind to mind, for instance—might just seem to be on the spectrum of matter interacting with each other but the possibilities defy quantification. Science has been very good at quantifying so many things and has been taming matter for a while now, but Life still defies quantification. It eludes our grasp, cannot be boxed.

Peanuts gang

I’m reminded of what Jesus of Nazareth told Nicodemus, that the spirit like the wind is there but one cannot predict its movement. Whenever I wonder at what moves life I think of this wind and then I am humbled by the many things that I have no comprehension of but yet are evident. It is evident that the world is in shambles, yes, but one has only to look at obscure nooks and one will see that life and goodness and hope are thriving and are spreading, being communicated from one living being to another. Things that deaden are overwhelmingly everywhere—concrete or plastic everything, garbage in mass media, our inner struggles, etc.—yet we only need to look at the green leaves and know that they, too, cover the earth. I only need to remind myself that the next person’s skin is as vulnerable as mine, which means I am among humans who like myself have stories being carried around all the time, everywhere.

This communication thing, it’s as elusive as Heisenberg’s electron, but it can be done and in many different ways. Cells, and humans, thrive by communicating. I realize that communication, in its many forms, is as vital as food and air. No wonder it, too, is so enjoyable.

(Many thanks to the creators of the Peanuts drawings.)