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Thank you, dear reader, for visiting and for hovering over the links-in-pink. I did not know how it happened but it has turned out that my default link-script-color is pink, as those seen here, all throughout the site… so all I can do for now is ask for your patience with this phenomenon… I, too, just learned to get used to the awkward links-in-pink because I am too lazy to find out how to change them all at once, to the standard blue.

This list just serves to show all that I have here at one click, with descriptions of each. This is to compensate for the diversity of topics and my inability to neatly classify them. Moreover, the themes overlap. Any Post will most likely touch on diverse subjects, like science, society, and religion, but not really in-depth. This blog doesn’t have an “academic” objective. It’s just talks from a human to other humans, so please excuse the naiveté that you may sense here and there. I also have no schedule fixed on when to add posts, so please excuse the eventual lapses and gaps. Also, I’m bound to edit things here and there over time, the way one does with a scrapbook of sorts, so please don’t expect too much from this poor creature… thanks again 🙂

Please, welcome… Tuloy po silaDayon

Links to Pages (these are all those tabs there, seen above):

Home   = About Page   — an attempt at explaining what the blog is all about; it’s rather wordy, sorry 😀

Arnel_Pineda-Journey   — “How I Discovered Journey, with Arnel Pineda In It”; on the American rock band Journey and its present lead singer Arnel Pineda; I did not intend this to be a Page, but I didn’t know the difference between a Post and a Page then. However, Arnel deserves this much appreciation, so I’m happy to have a special place for him here.

Damduk-Sujini_1, 2, & 3   — a composition in three parts, actually formerly three separate pages, but which I have compressed into one, and still pending improvements:

1.)   just a small talk about Damduk, Sujini, and Kiha of the South Korean historical drama (sageuk) The Story of the First King’s Four Gods, or The Legend, or Taewangsasingi

2.)   “Dam Duk’s involvement with Sujini, the Phoenix, leads to his awakening as the Joo Shin King”

3.)   “Sae-oh does not die, Hwanwoong’s beloved does not release the Black Phoenix, the Worshipers of Fire are vanquished”

Human_End   — “A Summary of the Subtopic The Final Destiny of Humanity (of the Book The Human Being by Hans Schwarz)”

LeeSeoJin_1   — First part of 2 parts: “For the Love of the Actor Lee Seo Jin: Part 1. The Characters Geum and King Sukjong of “Dong Yi” Led Me To Him”; contains snapshots from Dongyi, on that part where Geum meets his father (actor Mr. Ji Jin Hee); this and the other page continuing it have too much work input already that I don’t think it would be wise to either merge them or convert them into Posts, because it would be so much work again and I’m too lazy for it 🙂 I’d just take them as hallmarks of when I first started to make a blog, because at that time I also had a big crush on Lee Seo Jin’s image on screen… too bad I don’t personally know him, because the crush I had should have been on him 🙂 peace ❤

LeeSeoJin_2   — Second part of 2 parts: “For the Love of the Actor Lee Seo Jin: Part 2. Yi San, Gye Baek, Hwangbo Yoon, Soha’s Sword”; just small talk on where I watched Lee Seo Jin in – Yisan,  Gyebaek, Damo, Shadowless Sword

My Website! — an invitation for you to visit my new project (as of July 2021), a blog that has the makings of a website, and celebrates my discovery of how important it is for us all to heed our parents and elders in the community especially in these very-fast-changing times

Ukol_Kasaysayan   — [a yet undeveloped page containing 2 links to references on Philippines history; “A Short Statement on an Emotional Rediscovery of Philippine History”] + [a yet undeveloped page, a reflection: “though our culture is entirely different we are not inferior”] — contains what formerly were Pinoy_1 and Pinoy_2 ; I just merged the contents of the two Pages

Posts-List   — you are now right here, on this page

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(Hello. I stopped listing posts here at the end of July 2021. Newer posts can be targeted using the drop-down access to the Archives, and which are grouped by months. Thanks!) 

Links to Posts, from the latest down to the earliest:

The Irony of Unlikely Friendships, or so

The Credenda

Battosai No More

Rage is a Beautiful Thing

Chiaroscuro (light and dark)

Reluctantly Giving In

Reasoning Together

Happy New Year

“Race” should have been made obsolete a long time ago.

Hoping for Hope

Not Likeable: Duterte and his Swear-Words

Our Traditional Elder

Peaceful. That’s Bernie Sanders.

Dear Bernie Sanders

Idiots and Non-Idiots

Celebrate Bernie Sanders!

Somebody Can’t Trust CNN Anymore

A Tiny Wish for Blessings for You

My Country is Drowning…

Fraudulent Email

All the best, Manny

absolutely appalling

Love the Girls

Move, On

I, learn

us, unfurl

…may never pass this way again — a favorite Seals and Crofts song that I meditated on lately; I tried to put it against a non-even background, and barely succeeded 🙂

“Just the Way You Are” — rediscovering, and being newly confronted, why I have always liked this part of the song, by Billy Joel

A New Song — a meaningful quote I copied from somewhere (thanks!) and put against a happy but wistful yellow background; I have yet to fill in my thoughts in this post…

You Will Always Be Loved — as always, a simple white font never fails to come out of an uneven background; a simple experiment using PicPick; more importantly, I’d say this quote to someone important to me; I also think of Mr. Robin Williams…

Still, Like Deep Waters — a rumination on falling in love so lightly made it’s not obvious how deeply considered it is

My Journey to Non-Nationality — a reflection as I learn to look beyond labels, of persons

Missing Bag — an account to mark the day that I absolutely had no idea how I managed to totally lose attention 😀

email accounts can get finicky — a short comment on the hassles of email account security

on Wolfhart Pannenberg, theology, and science. Part 1 — just the supplement part of a Pannenberg book-chapter recap

on John Samuel Mbiti and religious plurality in Africa — a recap of an Mbiti book-chapter

on MM Thomas, a book chapter’s recap — a recap of an MM Thomas book-chapter

thankful for the dreams — I was just closing my eyes and then I was already starting to dream, on the bus 🙂 so I thought it is something to rejoice about, the ability of the human to switch modes of consciousness as the brain’s adaptive measure to heal a highly-stressed nervous system, and so the body

The Term “Cruel” and Its Derivatives in “Tarzan of the Apes”

among us — to mark the time I learned about 7.83 Hz in connection with my trying to understand Pannenberg 🙂 The photograph here and those at the immediately previous post were taken on a December day just when winter was about to set in

In Hopes of the Coming Spring — to mark my start at learning how to edit photographs 🙂 but I have always loved looking up at the sky, and especially through a canopy of leaves

Faith and Rubik’s cube — I did not play much with the Rubik’s cube when I was little, so now that I had the chance to do so I had an enlightening discovery

sacadalang’s gravatarmarking the day I let go my two adorable monkeys-against-yellow as my gravatar; I replaced it with one of my own doodlings

Thank you, Mr. Garfitt.

revisiting Tolkien’s. 1— a preliminary re-exploration of Middle-Earth, noting only the introductory quotables and lifted from the movie adaptation of The Fellowship of the Ring

Scandal: a girl enrolls in Sungkyunkwan — an introduction to the main characters, and a few secondary, of the South Korean romantic-comedy sageuk (historical drama) Sungkyunkwan Scandal highlighting which characters I like, and why

Chuno. and those who live only for the day — about a scene in the 2010 S. Korean fusion historical drama The Slave Hunters (Chuno), on a scene that contains a matter-of-fact discussion on living only for the present; surprisingly I find it an apt May 1 celebration as I posted this article at the wee hours today 🙂 it is dedicated to all the world’s every day person, the one who has to sweat in order to live, and hence to my parents and foreparents

start again — a short thought on starting again, as a way of marking Easter 2014, and spring as well

A Letter To Michael Berg, From An Ignorant Blabbermouth — a way of responding after reading the novel The Reader by Bernhard Schlink; it has no summary so it’s not a spoiler

Han-Suk-Kyu + Song-Joong-Ki = King Lee-Do = King Sejong the Great — on the drama Tree With Deep Roots, in the mean time looking at the character King Lee Do (still unfinished, but already has lots of input) ; Mr. Han Suk-kyu and Mr. Song Joong-ki are the actors behind the character

find your rhythm — has a quote from Clarissa Pinkola Estes that sorts of alludes to how a cover-up/facade lifestyle is actually eating up what’s real in us, sapping us of real joy/life ; I’ve put also an impromptu ditty here, on starting anew

find your laughter — has a quote from Clarissa Pinkola Estes, on how vital laughter is

time to escape — a sort of a personal life-marker, a letting-go remembrance

viewed by the globe — this is the extent, by country, to which this blog has been accessed since January 2012, until 7PM of 30 March 2014. I copied it, the map, from the Site Stats information for this blog at the time I spotted color on the China area.

a Mahatma Gandhi quote screenshot — a shot of my screen showing a Gandhi quote on the World Prayers site, with the funny birds Firefox Personna

Baby Gook in Episode 16 — of the South Korean medical-romantic-comedy drama Emergency Couple. I speak of the baby, little Gook, who is a pure bundle of delight.

Chungking Express, pineapples, the lotus— about a 1994 Wong Kar-wai film that has Kaneshiro Takeshi, Tony Leung, Faye Wong, & Brigitte Lin, set in Hong Kong

The Parable of the Timeless Melody — another Reblog from Mr. Garfitt’s site. I simply had to share it because it’s so near to what I’d imagine of the Spirit that Jesus of Nazareth spoke to Nicodemus about, in John chapter 3.

The Parable of the Good Taxi Driver — a Reblog from the site by Francis Garfitt. Please don’t ask me of the mismatch of the verse indicator because I have no answer. I am moved by this story more than I was by the one in Luke, the one labelled The Parable of the Good Samaritan, because the polarities are clearer to me who, though not one from a highly industrialized nation, but still one from the 20th/21st century …

Coffee Grounds Fertilizer — I was watering my house plants and I suddenly decided I’d like to write something in honor of the soil of my native land …

Ten-Books-You’ll-Want-to-Read [on the Old Testament & biblical studies] — a reblog of a short post listing a biblical scholar’s 10 most recommended books, and one which I plan to seriously take heed of

Unexpectedly Meeting Kiyoha & Seiji, in Sakuran — a landmark to remember beloved characters Seiji and Kiyoha by, from the 2007 Japanese film Sakuran; the film, though flamboyant, managed to take me to memory lane back when I was just getting acquainted with the traditions of Japan; there was a time when I considered Japan as the next best country to live in [next to mine that is, which is the Philippines] 🙂

I Have Beached — written to mark the day I became sure of something that needed to be done 🙂 It also concretizes how much I miss the beaches of my home islands.

My Appreciation for Some Film/Drama Artists and Their Work — a complement to the post  Dear Actor/Actress, I Respect You , & where I express my delight over some stories/dramas/films/characters I’ve met on screen and on the artists behind them; just a partial collection for now & mostly on South Korea’s, plus a trickle of Japanese, but  I hope to add more in time…

Johnny Mnemonic Revisited — recalling that movie with Keanu Reeves, talking a bit of the brain, and of cloning

I’m So Happyon how I successfully downloaded Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Bible from

On True Friendship — a very short attempt at looking at what “true friendship” is

On Loving Rightly — a very short attempt at looking at what ‘love’ is

Christmas Doesn’t Have To Be That Glittery  — looking at Christmas celebrations in the face of global poverty

how next, Lord? battling incoherence  —  a short prayer for courage

Cheol-su, the werewolf brother  —  sharing the way I feel about the 2012 South Korean movie A Werewolf Boy

Schleiermacher. Fourth Speech. in my own words. — a narrative, putting into my own words what I picked up from On Religion: Speeches To Its Cultured Despisers by Friedrich Schleiermacher (on the Fourth Speech)

On My Stupidity. And A Miracle Gift On St. Nicholas’ Day — an expression of thankfulness at having overcome a near-disaster, having overlooked the deadline of my Residence Permit

If Not Luther, Then Who?   — …, that, I find Martin Luther difficult but fascinating…

there-are-no-rules   —  an expression of my way of trying to have an inkling of what the satori (kensho) in Zen Buddhism could be like

Meditating, After Super Typhoon Yolanda   —  …as the title says, and contains Joey Ayala’s song Bathala, which I translated to English

Bourne, Tarzan, et al as Chemical Compounds   — a point of view regarding action films and the like

Dear Actor/Actress, I Respect You   — could speak to all actors/actresses in the world, but specifically here a reaction after I confirmed that the life of an average South Korean actor/actress is not a bed of roses

Buddha Luther Happiness the Sun   — a sort of meditation as I find my way through historic Christianity and the cultures of non-Christians; locating a point of contact in the phenomenon of suffering

We Are Worth Dying For   — a quote about the Crucifixion that I copied from a thesis, and what I can say about it

Painter of the Wind: an impression   — written in my delight of the South Korean historical drama (sageuk) featuring fictional accounts on the two most famous painters of the Joseon era

Adam’s Song (Awit ng Mortal)   — my translation into English of one of Joey Ayala’s songs

A Prayer Before Sleeping   — some things I would think to-wards God from time to time

Tree With Deep Roots: An Overview   — written in my delight of the South Korean historical drama featuring fictional accounts on one of the two Great kings of the Joseon era, King Sejong, and on the development of the Korean script, han-gul, which is among the best in the world

Putting Bidam and His Story Into Perspective   — my way of talking about the sageuk, The Great Queen Seon Duk

Getting To Know Bidam Better   — my way of talking about my favorite character in the sageuk, The Great Queen Seon Duk

on communication   — a meditation on man’s capacity to relate and perceive despite barriers

atoms, summer weeds, and thoughts — a meditation, on the “motion” of ideas

The One You Feed   — a short thought based on a quote I copied from somewhere, on hope

Why I prefer Ye Soya and Buyoung over Soseono, Eun Go over Choyeong, and Yihwa over Jiwoo  — a long reflection on some of my favorite female sageuk characters

“reality” is always in relative motion   — very briefly reflecting on “reality” based on a quote on biblical theology

Damo is mae hwa and dan shim ga  — a reflection on what the sageuk Damo is basically about, using the titles of two OST’s (official soundtracks)

We’re supposed to live with dirt   —  a meditation on my propensity to evade efficient orderliness; has an illustration from Gye Baek

efficiency, too, is a god   — these are two quotes on success, actually, but I put the title that way to relate it to the previous post, and possibly to extend the thought of the reader to the idea that in the so-called “developed” society success is synonymous to efficiency

For the Love of Lee Seo Jin: A Look Into Gye Baek and Eun Go   —   what I found out about the love story of Gye Baek and Eun Go, in the sageuk Gye Baek

For the Love of Lee Seo Jin: Spending Time for Gye Baek  — just on 3 reasons why I decided to watch Gye Baek

A Frozen Flower: a look at a story of how an honest love triangle turns into a struggle on personhood   — written in my appreciation of that controversial sageuk film; illustrations still pending

na ka ka lo ka !   — has a link to a web article relating Ninoy Aquino and the issue between Sulu and Sabah that was aggravated in early 2013, and a comment on that web page

to dig is to see the surface  — a meditation on the search for truth

greed is in everyone   — a short reflection related to colonization

remember Einstein   — a meditation on perspectives

we had no time to catch our breath   — a meditation, urging ang mga Pinoy (the Filipinos) to awareness, to meditating on our situation

Let Live  — a short reflection on letting-be

“business” has many meanings    just a bit, written to mark 12th 12th 12 (i.e., December 12, 2012)
fairy at door

I’m In Experience-Society?   — a small reaction after I came across Gerhard Schulze’s experience society and Ulrich Beck’s risk society descriptions, of basically how it is now in the “developed” countries

Musings of a Sincere Fledgeling  — my first post, a sort of a reflection as I ‘intuitively’ create a blog




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